Clear focus on the consumer and reduced carbon emissions

Björn Borg is a global sports fashion brand with a strong focus on sustainability in everything from environment to human rights and equality. Sustainability work B. Tomorrow is a driving and central part of Björn Borg's product development strategy. An effort to make a difference, to get better and to never stop developing.

Focus on flexibility

Björn Borg is in the starting block to review their delivery solutions. As consumers demands and awareness increase, the price is no longer the only relevant parameter for the freight. You want to be able to provide multiple delivery options, where deliveries to the door are a must, as well as durable delivery options along with maintaining high precision. A wide range of delivery options increases the convenience of the consumer and increases customer satisfaction.

Reduced carbon footprint

Björn Borg's goals in its sustainability work B. Tomorrow includes everything from human rights, to chemical emissions and reduced carbon footprint. This is implemented, among other things, through smarter logistics and transport. DHL has a number of initiatives that are in line with Björn Borg's sustainability goals, together we look at delivery options to reduce carbon footprint. Jonathan Larsson, Supply Chain and Logistics Manager at Björn Borg, is responsible for cargo delivery, the last bit to reach out to consumers, where the environment can be greatly influenced by the choice of climate-friendly delivery solutions. He is looking at a DHL initiative with electric bikes, which is both practical and sustainable in the metropolitan environment.

Customers' trust and partnership

Jonathan has a clear customer and consumer focus at all stages:

- The fact that the customer is confident in the online store's transport solutions is important and should not be underestimated, and DHL is strong, it is a well-known distributor that many customers feel safe with.

DHL's wide range of flexible solutions and environmental focus fits Björn Borg and ultimately the conscious consumers;

- Having a good logistics partner means a lot. Someone who is an expert in their field, offering tailor-made solutions that generate huge profits through consolidation of deliveries and streamlining of flows.

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