Newly launched online pharmacy MEDS focuses on secure deliveries

"Most important of all is keeping your promises"

Marcus Ramstrand is the logistics director of the online pharmacy MEDS, newly launched in the pharmacy market, with ambitious goals. MEDS is run by employees with backgrounds in e-commerce and pharmacy and has strong investors in the back.

With the experience Marcus brings from the pharmacy industry, he and his colleagues now have a clear plan for how deliveries will provide customers with the best possible experience and quality.

Network of logistics partners to reach everyone

The challenge was initially to ensure a network of suppliers that offer high delivery reliability. MED's delivery offer therefore includes a number of different logistics partners. All customers are different and have different preferences, some want to get delivery to a delivery venue nearby, while others prefer to get it home to the door.

- We put the customer's perspective in focus. One form does not fit everyone and therefore we not only hire a logistics partner. The customer may also have a representative of a certain partner in his place, and then we must be able to offer them other options. Should we only cooperate with a logistics partner, we also get very little negotiating power, both in terms of price and quality.

Delivery time by customer's choice

Marcus emphasizes that the importance of brand awareness for logistics alternatives is an important factor when the customer chooses how to deliver the goods. Well-known brands bring a sense of security to the customer.

- Some suppliers offer lower prices, but others maintain better quality and with quality, I mean the supplier's ability to keep the promised delivery time. Of course, how the customer chooses is also the delivery time presented at the checkout and what they have for the experience of the logistics company. If you have had a bad experience at one time, you will choose another one next time.

Promises to the customer must always be kept

- The reason we chose to hire DHL as a supplier was that they could offer the combination of good quality and a wide network of agents. I have not worked with DHL before but have had a very good experience - both of their salespeople and the quality they provide. They are committed, provide good service and respond quickly to our questions. It plays a big part for us and naturally affects how we choose to prioritize them at the checkout when the customer is to pay.

In the end, Marcus says, it's important to keep what you promise:

- Whether our customers or we choose to continue to buy services from different suppliers depends of course on previous experiences. My experience is that DHL gives our customers a high quality of delivery and a strong commitment and service towards us - they keep what they promise.

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