Fast fashion, fast delivery

NA-KD was born of a dream of challenging the fashion industry and offering a brand new shopping experience. NA-KD has won several heavy prices. Logistics is part of the customer experience that NA-KD attaches great importance to.

NA-KD is one of Europe's fastest growing companies and has been awarded several prestigious awards since the beginning of 2015.

The web store today has over eight million visitors a month and delivers to over 140 countries. Oscar von Konow is vice president and co-founder of NA-KD, his team is responsible for logistics, including everything from import to warehousing and cargo delivery.

Customers demand simplicity

In the fashion and e-commerce industry, everything is about speed and simplicity. New products should reach buyers quickly and deliveries must be flexible and tailored to customer needs.

- Today, customers demand that the goods go quickly, said Oscar, who, together with his team, is constantly working to improve customer experience and expand the range of services.

Shipping, an important part of the customer's shopping experience

Delivering fast is easy if it can cost anything. Finding the right balance between speed, quality and price is more difficult. The number of delivery points, proximity to the customer and working with accepted market participants are important criteria that NA-KD looked at in the choice of freight companies. It is important that customers feel trust in the shipping company and it is first and foremost built up of good delivery quality and a good deal in customer support. Then, cooperation must work smoothly - from system implementation to daily communication on logistics and delivery issues.

A local and global partner in several stages

NA-KD needs a partner who can distribute their products in Sweden as well as globally. A partner who has experience in e-commerce and the challenges facing the industry. DHL's wide range of services makes them an attractive partner for NA-KD.

DHL has been an important partner for NA-KD for deliveries since day one. Oscar appreciates the breadth that DHL offers in terms of services and the professional response he receives from DHL's staff.

Having a good logistics partner is everything. If you can not deliver on time then you have no business left.

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