To make sure your package is shipped as securely and safely as possible, it is worth thinking about how you pack it. Here are some useful tips.

  • How to pack sharp items

Sharp items should be packaged extra carefully so that they can not cut or in other ways damage the inside of the package. In order to protect objects like pliers, knives and scissors, they should be enclosed by solid material, such as a piece of plastic tube, over the sharp parts.

  • Be careful with liquids

If your product contain liquids, the container must be carefully enclosed by absorbent material or wrapped in its own plastic bag, as well as with shock absorbing material to prevent leakage in case of damage.

  • Use a soft sealing

Cover the carton with sticky tape, both length and width, to protect the contents of the package during transport.

  • How to attach labels

Attach labels properly, clearly and on a flat surface to ensure that the package is transported fastest possible way through DHL's network.